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"Judge Rand is universally regarded as one of New Jersey's foremost experts in the matrimonial field. His judicial colleagues from Cape May to Bergen Counties regularly sought his advice and counsel on complex matrimonial issues."
Francis J. Orlando
former Assignment Judge
Camden County Superior Court
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Divorce / Family Mediation
The mediation process allows litigants to actively participate, with or without attorneys, in the negotiations and resolution of their divorce. The parties, with the assistance of the third party neutral mediator, can resolve all issues from custody, parenting time to equitable distribution, spousal support and child support, with the mediator guiding them the entire way. Through this process the litigants will hopefully be able to reach a non litigated compromise on each issue that arises.

As an experienced Family Part Judge I will assist the parties in expeditiously resolving their disputes. My thorough knowledge and understanding of the law and the legal process will allow the litigants to settle their differences privately in less time without costly trial preparation, trial and/or court delay. A less contentious process saves time, energy and money. Avoid the emotional roller coaster of a trial, possibly spread out over months due to the courts busy schedule. Mediation trumps litigation.
Choosing binding arbitration allows the chosen arbitrator(s) to make a decision similar to that which a judge would do in a trial. This process, however, is outside the courthouse, done in comfortable and private setting and is not necessarily bound by the strict rules of evidence or trial formalities.

By selecting an experienced, retired judge you are electing to allow that person(s) to make the decisions for your divorce. Having been involved in thousands of Matrimonial Early Settlement Panels (MESP) proceedings and hundreds of trials over almost twenty years I am prepared to fairly, reasonably and knowledgeably decide each issue presented consistent with the statutory criteria and the current case law. My experience will help you resolve your case.
What is the Role of the Mediator?
The mediator serves as a guide for the parties to reach a settlement that is satisfactory to both of them.
Case Consultation, Planning, Strategies
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